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Top Uniform Rental Companies

Find Top Uniform Rental Companies In Your Area

Top Uniform Rental Companies
If you are starting a business, or need rental uniforms for your established business, it is time for you to give us a call at Uniform Rental. We research and rate all of the top uniform rental companies available in your area. You will receive a competitive offer from a high quality uniform rental company that we know will provide you with excellent service.

Uniform Rental services include:
  • Automotive Uniform Rental provides bids on shop uniforms, driver uniforms and shop towels including company casual wear and custom embroidery. Name patches or logos pose no problem for uniform rentals.
  • Medical Uniform Rental offers healthcare scrubs, lab coats, patient & safety uniforms, patient gowns/garments, as well as protective apparel/barrier uniforms. Uniform Rental can provide it all.
  • Maintenance Uniform Rental covers HVAC, building management, pest control, lawn care and maintenance staff uniforms. Custom embroidery for names and logo is available. We can help your staff look its best.
  • Industrial Uniform Rental includes wear that is flame resistant, FR apparel, food processing, clean room and is high visibility. Uniform Rental takes the hassles out of searching for the best uniform rentals.
  • Hospitality Uniform Rental for restaurants uniforms/kitchen wear, hotel staff uniforms, casino wear, corporate and business apparel. Let us provide a free quote for you today.

Uniform Rental provides services in the countries of the United States, Canada, and Australia. We research and background check each company that we recommend to ensure you are getting the reliable service you need. Periodic checks are done, so we know the companies we recommend are staying at the top of their game. Other services that we can provide include business and industrial rug/mat rental, paper products, and towel rental services.

If a laundry service is needed for your business uniforms or corporate wear, Uniform Rental will provide quotes for reputable services in your area. To receive your free quotes from top uniform rental companies, contact Uniform Rental. You can give us a call at 888-799-6349 or send us an email at [email protected]!